New website update!

We have gave the website a long overdue refresh. Website speeds should have increased, and now things are even easier to get to. We have also increased the font size to make it easier to read at speed 🙂

On to the main points:

• We have had lots and lots of requests to return the custom product builders to the website. So they are back! All working, and behaving like they should.

• New theme day! Every one loves a new theme. This one has been lovingly hand crafted by the ASS team. If its not working, or misbehaving, please send us a message.

• New category pages, new product pages, new pretty much everything. This overhaul is literally a top to tail refresh on the whole site.

There are plenty more updates to come, and we are working through them when we can, so watch this space! As always if you have an idea for a product, send us a message.

Much Love,

The ASS Team

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